WoW Burning Crusade

One of the expansions being “Burning Crusade”. Just from the name alone brings chills down my spine. This expansion is in a fantasy world like no other. This new “Universe” is filled with treasures and new land to roam, it’s truly amazing.

In this new expansion the Burning Legend has returned to get vengeance. With tons of battles and murderous fights, this new expansion pack is filled with fun. With all of the new territories to roam and fight, and all the new land to conquer this new expansion pack brings only the best together. Only the epic fighters will prevail, there is no room for error.

This expansion pack brings about some of the newest and most dangerous warriors like the Wrath God, The Sheep Bomb, and Worp Stalkers.

Abandoned cities in Azeroth spark with new life and warriors. The warriors fight for their land and try to conquer all. Legions form together to form armies of fighters in conquest to rule the land of Azeroth.

The windows of the past are opened fully for new adventurers to experience first hand. This expansion pack is like no other, it brings new life to the table and puts your hero to the test.

Some of the features of this expansion pack are as follows:
1.Increase level of cap to 70.
2. New spells for each class.
3. New playable races, Draenei, and Blood Elves.
4. Entire new continent of Outland to explore and conquer.
5. New zones and high-level dungeons
Tons of new monsters.
7. Tons of new quests.
8. Tons of new items
9. New profession to increase profits called Jewelcrafting.
10. And last but not least, amazing “Flying mounts in Outland

This expansion pack more focuses on the battle between the two new Horde and Alliance Races.

They fight an epic battle and struggle against each other. Their only mission is to conquer land and destroy the opposing enemy. This expansion pack is like no other, and brings new amazement to the eyes of the players. You can rent a party bus in fort worth texas, and have this video game inside so you and your buddies can play while going to your destination. Thats pimp!!!