World of Warcraft Gold Exploits Introduced

wow goldsThere are many websites available that claims they have all the exploits to World of Warcraft, all the dupes, the hacks and tricks that can make you all the gold you need in the game. Do you honestly believe that is possibly true?

First things first, an exploit is a bug in the game that players can utilize to give them some sort of advantage. Some may yield great benefits and bonuses while some may possibly do almost nothing. Hacking a game with 10 million players is rather quite tough; Blizzard would obviously have a very large development staff in order to create an environment for that many players. So the question again is, why do these sites claim to have such exploits or hacks? If you only you could hack that roofer in arlington tx site and find out how hes getting so many clients.

There are numerous reasons why these sites may claim or even have them available. Many players get greedy when a site claims they have a World of Warcraft gold dupe that can make them 1000s of gold within minutes. Imagine, if you had found a site that claimed they can get you a 1000 gold in a minute, wouldn’t you want a piece of that? The average player can only obtain about 100-200 gold per hour. You would be filthy rich in World of Warcraft and can buy anything you want or need. Along with that, gold itself has monetary value. 1000 gold is valued at about $25.00 in real dollars. Making $25.00 a minute isn’t too bad eh? That’s $1,500 in 8 hours, wouldn’t you think a bit fishy? Why would some person you don’t know give you that type of valuable information?

So you must wonder what benefits do these sites have? Well, there are a few different type of sites that offers these exploits for World of Warcraft. The most popular of them all are the ones who will charge you for them. The average site would charge by subscription and you have access to all their exploits, tricks, cheats, hacks found. Usually a yearly subscription instead of monthly, how often does one really find a new exploit and is able to charge the same amount for a small new addition? Another method they use is they proclaim they have this godly hack or whatever they’ve just found and is selling it for the famous “$24.99 but if you act now, only $12.99” or “get it now before Blizzard patches it”. Majority of these are just plain scams, they are more than likely to have already been patched or has never even worked. If they do work, they are probably not as efficient as they claim to be.

Then there are those sites that are offering them for free. They go on and on about how good it works and there is no purchase necessary. Free to download and use. Noticed, the word “download”? Yes that’s right, download. You’re looking to download a hack but instead you get hacked yourself. You lose all your precious World of Warcraft gold and valuable belongings you have worked hard for because you got a tad greedy and wanted it all. There have been many players who have been scammed by downloading hacks and exploits. They infest your computer with backdoors, Trojans and sometimes just a bunch of pop ups that will harm your computer.

Yet if you are lucky, there are a small handful of sites that are honest and will provide you with the free hacks and exploits you have been searching for. Usually these tricks they offer does not provide much of a benefit or does not give much benefits and Blizzard probably figures there are a ton more important stuff that needs work on than these small fixes. Either way, exploits are illegal and you may get banned if caught using them. If you should decide to use them anyway, at least get yourself a virus scanner and avoid having your account stolen.