World of Warcraft free guide

free-world-of-warcraft-guides-cataclysmHave you ever lost surfing the official site of World of Warcraft? You were confused when you looked at the guide which ought to help you understand things you do not understand?

We have good news for you! Webmasters have decided to rebuild and update the guide to make things easier for you and you can enjoy the free world of warcraft guides on our website.

The new design should help visitors find what they seek, so they organized the categories page. They also added new effects and graphics to enhance user. On the page there is even a cute teddy bear panda, dancing.

Fast links will allow you to access any subset of the guide by simply pushing them.

INTRODUCTION There is a section where you can find information about World of Warcraft and its advantages, game story, answers to frequently asked questions and system requirements and a lot of free World of Warcraft guides.

BASICS will help you start a heroic journey in World of Warcraft, describing your first few levels, giving you information about the characters (such as talents, strength and reputation), mentioning the NPCs, explaining how you control the game, and focusing on the qualities and movements during the battle.

WORLD is the link you need to click if you want to know anything about the land of Azeroth and use the free World of Warcraft guides.

CHARACTER button will explain everything you need to know about race, class or profession. World of Warcraft offers eight races with unique qualities, new classes and twelve professions to be on your taste.

In section you will learn that WoW ITEMS develop a strong economy, where everything from unusual to those ordinary things can be exchanged for gold, silver and copper.

Transportation will teach you how to get from point A to point B in WoW. Seems simple enough, but you’ll see that it’s not so easy because you meet many difficulties on the road.

It also mentions a section called PLAYER interact, because the game is not for nothing called a MMORPG and World of Warcraft guides.

Where is all this happening? Find it by clicking on battlegrounds. In the battle for Azeroth, certain territories have become key locations in the conflict between the Horde and Alliance. When playing, you can invite your friends over for a great wow competition, you can go as far as having drinks and snack. Make sure your frig is good and cold to hold all of those cold drinks, if your frig is acting up you can find a refrigerator appliance repair in arlington tx, to come out and fix your problem if need be.