Standup Paddleboarding Is Fun!

World of warcraft is fun, but sometimes you need to step away from the video games and get outside and enjoy the sun. Checkout what you can do out on the lake.

If you asked someone about SUP a few years ago, you would likely have just gotten a blank stare. Lately, however, the best stand up paddle board brands seem to be on everyone’s lips, and under everyone’s feet.

Standup paddleboarding is the fastest growing watersport in the world for a good reason: it’s fun! Whether you’re ripping up the waves or cruising down the river, standup paddlesurfing has something for everybody

Jimmy Lewis standup paddleboards – the industry standard!

Want to ride the best? Try a Jimmy! Jimmy’s 40 years of shaping experience pays off big time with standup paddleboards that are stable, easy to paddle, and great in the surf!

Light, maneuverable and responsive

An essential property of a standup paddleboards is plenty of volume: standup boards have to be big and floaty to provide the stability necessary for successful, easy paddling. This is where Jimmy’s magic really shines – designing and buliding standup paddleboards with graceful flowing lines that as well as providing the necessary flotation, allow the rider full expression on the waves.