Path of the Titans Cataclysm Details

The best announced feature to date for Cataclysm looks like it’ll be Path of the Titans, which works something like this:

  • At your max level you get to align yourself with a given Titan, and you follow the path of that Titan.
  • Paths are not class or role specific, players can chose specifically which one they want to join.
  • Turning in artifacts found with Archeology (the new secondary profession) will cause you to progress along your chosen path.
  • The main rewards are Ancient Glyphs. At each rank in your Path you have two to three choices of Glyphs.
  • Some examples of Ancient Glyphs are:
    • Bleed reduction
    • Bandage improvement
    • Increased damage following a crit
  • More Glyphs will probably come after launch.
  • Everyone is going to eventually be able to get all the glyphs for their path, and it will not be grindy.

We’ll find out more and post it as soon as we can!

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