Posts/rss Comment from Richard@Home, the same has been happening to me - not too often thankfully. Mainly porn sites but no wannabe presidents (so far). Kerry (I'm British so I don't care) can only do himself and his campain harm using referal spam. No-one is going to trust someone who uses underhanded tricks and if he isn't aware of it happening, that doesnt say much for his leadership abilities. If he cant keep tabs on his personal staff, how is he going to keep tabs on a whole country? Course, the spam COULD have been planted by his opponents trying to dirty his name - but that's a whole other conspiricy theory. On a brighter note, most blogging software comes with a blacklist feature now and (if like me) you roll your own blog, a quick tweak is probably all that is needed to stop them spamming again. Jonathan Snook <>Wed, 30 Jun 2004 06:31:34 +0000久久中文字幕免费高清,三级在线看中文字幕完整版,中文字幕偷乱视频在线