Posts/rss Comment from Christian Heilmann really liked <a href="//">Heydon's "effortless CSS" talk</a> on that topic. It makes no sense to turn maintainers of the web into developers. Jonathan Snook <>Sun, 06 Mar 2016 06:17:50 +0000 Comment from Justin Avery other issue I have with embedding content into that single block is when you want to retrieve the content for use in other ares besides a HTML template. I've had RSS feeds clog up because of the funky elements used within content areas (different apostrophe's in headings the biggest issue), and while these can usually be sorted by using something like CDATA tags <pre><code>&lt;!--CDATA // Content here --&gt;</code></pre> the same issues end up coming back when you look at implementing something like AMP with your database content. All of a sudden it's less of a class issue and now you have issues with the semantics of the content requiring updates. The best approach from a CMS I've seen has been the implementation of responsive images into wordpress. The image is inserted in the same way it always has in the WYSIWYG, but when it is rendered on the front end you get the benefit of the Responsive Images markup being added for you with no additional work.Jonathan Snook <>Mon, 07 Mar 2016 08:32:38 +0000久久中文字幕免费高清,三级在线看中文字幕完整版,中文字幕偷乱视频在线