Microformats in Dreamweaver

23 Mar 2006

I'm a fan of Dreamweaver, having used it for years. Drew McLellan (of the WaSP Dreaweaver Task Force and who I met ever so briefly at SXSW) has just released a Microformats Dreamweaver Extension. It allows for the easy insertion of hCalendar, hCard and XFN microformats into any page you may be working on. Since comments are closed on the WaSP site, best to leave your comments on Drew's site. ...

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Veerle reviews Dreamweaver 8

26 Sep 2005

Over on Veerle's blog, she takes the time to review a number of features of Dreamweaver 8. Some of the features have been staples of previous versions of Dreamweaver, like the built in site management features. New features like the Style Rendering toolbar are definitely targeted at CSS-based layout developers and will no doubt make it easier for developers to create and review their projects from...

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Quick Tagging in Dreamweaver

22 Sep 2005

I touched on the Find and Replace dialog but I wanted to touch on a feature more specifically related to the design view. The Quick Tag Editor is one of those features that I use often when formatting content. The editor let’s you quickly add or edit a tag from design view. Need to quickly superscript some text or add a hyperlink but don’t want to switch to the properties panel? Select...

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Find and Replace using Dreamweaver

21 Sep 2005

After seeing Dreamweaver pulled through the mud by people who deem it a poor tool for development, I’ve decided to shed some light on features that I feel have saved me countless time and may help you in your quest to produce better web sites faster. One specific feature that stands out for me is the Find and Replace tool. For all you PC users, a CTRL-F will bring the Find dialog right up....

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Setting TITLE using text from H1 header in Dreamweaver

22 Jan 2005

Here's a little code snippet that might make your life easier. If you wanted to set your page title to include the text from your header (in my case, the H1 element) you can use this search and replace. Pop open the Find dialog and select Source Code from the Search drop down. Enter the following into the Find field: <title>(.)*</title>((.|\n)*)<h1>(.)+</h1> Luckily, Drea...

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Dreamweaver Extension: Metadata DC.DATE Auto-update

04 Nov 2003

For Government of Canada sites (and possibly now with the 508 Accessibility in the States), metadata has become very important. One specific meta tag is the dc.date.modified which indicates when the document was last changed. With this command in place, this meta tag will automatically get updated every time you save the page. It should be easy enough to extend this to update other metadata automa...

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Dreamweaver Extension: Change to French Quotes

04 Nov 2003

Having worked on a number of bilingual sites, I often have to copy and paste French content from a Word document. One of the problems I've found is that the quotations don't get copied properly. This Command will change all occurrences of "some text" to ?some text?. It basically finds all occurrences of " and then alternates between replacing it with « and ». Download "Change t...

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Relative Links in Macromedia Dreamweaver template

05 Nov 2002

It seems that Dreamweaver has what almost appears like a bug. By changing one path in your template to Site Root it will change all template-related paths to Site Root throughout any page using that template. While this can be frustrating, there's also a fairly simple solution: Select an image in the template that has a link. Click on the Browse icon. At the bottom of...

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