Happy Women's day

International Women's Day is coming. Here, Sanland sincerely wishes: Happy holidays for the vast number of women who have been silently working hard in life and work!

Although we can't travel freely this year to celebrate the festival, there is another way to convey the feelings of each other. Make a phone call, remote video and voice, watch a same movie together, share each other's mood,No matter the distance, the loved one is always with us. We hope to give her the best.

This is also what Sanland has always insisted on. Sanland resumed work on February 17. After the resumption of work, the production line was resumed as soon as possible to meet the customer's order delivery needs. At the same time, a strict and comprehensive response plan was formulated in the prevention and control of epidemic conditions. It also protects the physical health of employees, humanely arranges working plan and remote work at home.

Since established in 2002, Sanland has always adhered to technological innovation, and aims to become a world-renowned supplier of RF chip solutions, bringing customers the best service experience and providing the best product quality. In 2020, Sanland's newly developed products: 2x5 SFF Pigtail SC / APC transceiver, suitable for Gigabit Ethernet, can reach a transmission distance of 20Km。 Sanland also can offer customers FTTH customized services, providing a professional technical team’s solutions.

Similarly, Sanland attaches great importance to product quality, strives to reach the international leading level, and creates value for our customers. This indirectly also serves more end-customers, provides high-quality products, and achieves stable transmission of signals in different distances. Therefore, the future In terms of product quality control, Sanland will continue to strictly control it towards higher goals.

In addition to customer groups, Sanland is also very concerned about female workers within the company. On their birthday or legal holiday, even if it is not a working day, birthday gifts or holiday benefits will be issued to show best wishes. At work, each person strictly fulfills his job duties, communicates and collaborates well between different departments. Loves among colleagues. We help each other and get along well .

In this special festival day: Thank you very much for all our female customers and partners for your support and help to Sanland, and also for the hard work of female workers in the company.


?Here, Sanland wish you all a happy holiday! Happy life!?

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